NYC-based visual artist Aksana Berdnikova was born in Mongolia, and lived in Belarus for most of her childhood, before eventually landing in the United States. Her formative years were then spent studying art and adapting to life on the East Coast.

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Her work explores multiple dimensions of creativity and expression, while also beginning a conversation about accessibility in the art world, from two uniquely insightful perspectives.

In the first dialogue, Aksana explores the notion of creating with found objects that are not typically intended to be used for fine art at all. These banal, everyday materials repurposed from the environment around her are available to anyone, no matter their status, education, or financial circumstance.

Aksana’s second dialogue is deeply personal. An interpretation of reality and a manifestation of her existence. In it, she depicts objects that are only seen to her eye. After losing a significant portion of her eyesight at the age of 19 years old, followed by a number of eye surgeries in coming years, Aksana was left with limited, yet unique vision. Through that experience she was able to witness an entirely different world. At times terrifying yet mesmerizing, the world of floating shapes, constant blur and fleeting moments of darkness.


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